The Desire Tracker™  ecosystem tracks and reports success metrics from pre-launch through market penetration to sale and post-sale word-of-mouth. It’s digital services include:

  • Digital Engagement: It maps & measures peak-value (NEO) consumer engagement with your website content & every digital ad in a campaign
  • Digital Reputation: It releases and tracks new-product and brand key-word ‘talk’ on social media
  • Digital Feedback: It captures instant feedback on products or experiences as implementation goes live
  • Digital Capture: It’s geo-location technology acquires peak-value (NEO) consumers in near-field locations by serving them a banner ad or sending them an SMS


Desire Tracker™ unlocks value in your own customer database by finding Peak-Value customers AND by using them to pick the services and products that will make them fall in love with your brand.

  • Database flagging: Desire Tracker™ uses NEO analytics to flag customers by their value potential on your own customer database and across your customer segments
  • CVP & Concept testing: Desire Tracker™ recruits customers from your database to test concepts, products, price & volumetric sales potential before going live

Future Lab

Future Lab specialises in Social Intelligence, and its application to the complex challenges of twenty-first century management.

Future Lab’s Trend Tracker identifies:

  1. key urban trends
  2. human drivers of those trends (e.g. levels of social intelligence [SQ] in Australia’s urban settings)
  3. technology necessary to respond to key trends
  4. problems posed by key trends in the urban fabric

Future Lab’s Agile Ideation identifies:

  1. what are the likely behavioural responses to the human drivers of trends?
  2. what are the likely technological responses to the human drivers?
  3. what are the likely solutions to the problems?
  4. conceptualise & visualise the ideas
  5. How to make it happen


In a world of BIG DATA, it’s refreshing to know that DEEP DATA provides more insight, better predictive value and more actionable analytics. Our team of data scientists uses Accelerated Analytics to reveal the shortest path to customer value.



Consumers with the highest value-potential (peak-value) live and work in the $600bn Desire Economy. We know what they do now, what they intend to do next, and what makes them fall in love with a product or experience. We love simplicity: we know who the most valuable customers are. We know everything about them, including where they live. We’re quick to define a client’s problem – what it most needs to achieve (which is not always what it wants to achieve). Strategy is then the revealed beauty – the elegant pathway that connect  problem and  solution.



We focus on consumers with peak-value potential by:

  • Overlaying our pre-loaded peak-value NEO (Next Economic Order) model to your existing customer database and customer segmentation
  • Running an agile implementation model aligned to strategy and focused on key benefits
  • Designing and building an Agile product/experience model
  • Building a product/experience portfolio framework to enable prioritisation of products/experience launches. We’re always focused on value creation