Peak-Value in the Desire Economy

When predicting global growth economists and demographers typically track the rise of the Asian middle class, but it is actually the emergence of the $600bn Desire Economy that is transforming global markets. Consumer demand can, in economic terms, be broken down into its constituent parts – (a) needs and (b) desires (wants). Consumers need, for […]

Millennials – a Giant Generational Hoax?

Millennials fever is infecting the corridors of power as managers and marketers struggle to understand Australia’s largest generation. Social analysts call them impatient, overly self-confident, self-absorbed, self-important, lazy, easily bored, spoilt, constantly in need of positive affirmation, and disloyal.[1] Entrepreneurs see them as tech-savvy, early adopters: perfect fodder for digital disruption. Marketers see them as […]